It’s called Hybrid SLI , and this article describes it in some detail. Super User works best with JavaScript enabled. There’s just too many possibilities unless a sophisticated enough system is developed to dynamically merge the processing power. On the features front, this board is undoubtedly aimed at the media centre enthusiast, which is largely thanks to its mATX form factor and the integrated GeForce 7-series graphics chipset. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Lucid Logix Virtu would do this with a modern intel processor with a onboard graphics option, if you’re running sandy bridge or Ivy bridge. Sign up using Facebook.

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I have 2 graphics cards, one onboard and one dedicated, both Nvidia.

It looks like that silicon is finally back and the boards are almost ready for retail – Biostar said that its board would be shipping “very soon”, with boards arriving in the US within a month. Sign up using Email and Password. The GPU in question would be on a i or i chipset sourceso it’s not nvidia geforce 7050 integrated graphics. I made the edit to correct the mistake which anyone can see I realize – obviously I wasn’t trying to hide it.

I’d assume he’s got a fairly new one with an on-board like that.

The answer is no, not without a great deal of special driver development in your specific case. Is there any way geforcs do this?

GeForce 7050 / nForce 610i

Does it give AMD’s G chipset a run for its money? By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Mods, I graphjcs vote to unclose this if I nvidia geforce 7050 integrated graphics, since it’s obvious that it’s not a duplicate of the linked post. Biostar TForce4 U My point is that, even while I did also bring up crossfire, it has no relevance to this question since the asker has Nvidia cards.


I did exactly what you are talking about except with two monitors. I want to know if I can run both graphics cards at same time, connected to a single monitor, in nvidia geforce 7050 integrated graphics to get mixed performance.

NVIDIA GeForce 7050 + nForce 610i

Does this board live up to expectations by catering for the gaming enthusiast looking to get the most out of their system? You hvidia have a nice dual screen set up with independent cards per monitor though – Highly recommended.

Otherwise in the Nvidia world, Optimus requires specific hardware, but integdated the author had that specific hardware it would be possible.

None of the technologies I know of at the moment can do this.

NVIDIA GeForce Review – Phoronix

Super User works best with JavaScript enabled. Boards based on Nvidia’s integarted integrated chipset for Intel processors were initially showed off at this year’s CeBIT trade show, but due to some problems nvidia geforce 7050 integrated graphics audio passing over HDMI, the silicon had to go for a respin. We’ll leave you with a shot of the board Sign up using Facebook.

We’re still of the opinion that it’s about time all GPUs and graphics cards were HDCP enabled by default – ATI has listened and delivered on integratev front, but Nvidia still continues down the rather confusing path of making it compulsory on higher end GPUs and optional on the lower-end products that are more likely to be used for video playback. Post as a guest Name. There’s just too many possibilities unless integrafed sophisticated enough system is developed to dynamically merge untegrated processing power.


Nvidia geforce 7050 integrated graphics an answer probably this one is adequate in answering your question, it’s customary to select it as the answer. You can’t run these two GPUs at the same time, but not for the reasons in the other two answers. It’s called Hybrid SLIand this article describes it in some detail. There’s a few that come close.

In fact, nvidia geforce 7050 integrated graphics answers that say there’s no Nvidia Crossfire equivalent are wrong. Biostar claims Core i5 runs DDR SLI is meant for identical cards unless you have a special chip on your motherboard Lucid Hydra. Enigma 2, 7 32 Hybrid Crossfire would support something like this as several comments point out The main reason why SLI just supports identical cards for now anyways is because the effect of merging two GPU’s would have to be handled differently for each different geofrce combo.

Ah, I’ve always owned AMD chipsets – that’s probably it. It has 2 modes: