I had the fsb at Mhz for a little while, but a cpu temp of F with almost no load was just too much for me. Air-cooled overclockers are weenies! How to bake your CPU! Most people who make use of three or more memory slots do so because they’re recycling smaller modules from another computer. It seemed to be happy there!

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This is one Mother of a Board! When you first open the package the first thing you notice is the size of this board. There are various other seldom-used extras on the A7A. Confusingly, there are two places you can plug in an IDE activity LED, both documented in the manual, but only asus a7a266 motherboard of them seems to work. So I decided to put the fsb back at Mhz.

And those are name-brand modules, asus a7a266 motherboard.

Asus a7a266 motherboard you’re goosing up the FSB on an A7A, it’s more sensible than usual to be careful about it, and to back off mothedboard your operating system starts to have doubts asus a7a266 motherboard loading. Other features The A7A isn’t an especially remarkable Socket A motherboard, if you don’t care about its dual memory capability. But a couple of Mb modules will do most people, and larger ones will become commonly available soon enough.

Air-cooled overclockers asus a7a266 motherboard weenies! No harm done, asus a7a266 motherboard normal AGP cards work fine in a Pro slot. More to follow on that! It seemed to be happy there! Both add up to an MHz core speed, and that’s all that matters. My review board had a defect – the right sound channel didn’t work.


I’m using it in my main computer, on which I’m writing this review, and I’ll probably hang onto it for a while. It just kept rebooting into windows asus a7a266 motherboard the power switch would not work. Like many current Socket A boards, the A7A’s got three three-pin fan connectors labelled CPU, PSU and Case, but you can use them for anything you likeand a temperature sensor in the middle of the CPU socket, where it asus a7a266 motherboard get a half-decent idea of how hot the processor is.

Also, the cd that comes with the motherboard has some useful software asus a7a266 motherboard it like: It comes packaged with great documentation and software bundle.

VIA KT266A Motherboard Roundup – January 2002

And there’s the usual complement of internal input connectors so you can connect other gadgets’ sound output to the built asus a7a266 motherboard sound hardware – CD audio, modem, Aux and internal microphone. It ended as the usual big pile of problems. Latest News Hardware Roundup: But it’s about time for an upgrade anyway.

This motherboard is great, I think it’s a keeper! Especially if it’s suspiciously cheap. It’s easy enough to do all you need is a pencil! I have had it asus a7a266 motherboard up and running for 3 asus a7a266 motherboard straight now and my cpu temps at full load are around F, so says the ASUS Probe. Mothherboard is only temporary until I can get some better cooling for my cpu!


Asus a7a266 motherboard people who make use of three or more memory slots do so because they’re recycling smaller modules from another computer.

So, if you’ve got to upgrade now, what you want is a motherboard that can take both kinds of memory.

Review: Asus A7A motherboard

Overclocking Physically, the A7A looks well suited for use by the lunatic fringe. About Mhz on the fsb was all Motheeboard could push it. Higher voltage settings asus a7a266 motherboard let you get a balky processor to run stably mktherboard a higher speed, asus a7a266 motherboard long as you’ve got enough cooling to deal with the extra heat created. I did try running it with the case door off and pointing some household fans at it. Lets have a look!